Wednesday, March 23, 2011

P Smoov VS God

It's that time of year. Everyone's favorite totally pointless competition is here. The Championship of Balls Championship. P Smoov had a massive victory in the 1st round against Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. This time he is facing up against a more worthy opponent: God. Sure God walks on water, but P surfs on crowds.

We are Out For Stardom, we think we should win everything. So here's 10 reasons to vote for P Smoov.

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1. God has more fans. Underdog factor.
2. If you don't follow P, he won't condemn you to an eternally burning hell.
3. P gets more tail than God.
4. God's beats are wack.
5. P Smoov actually exists.
6. God created overpopulation. P Smoov is pro-choice and all about contraceptives.
7. God hates the gays. P has some of his wildest nights on the town with his homo buddies.
8. God doesn't know where to find the really good drugs.
9. P is vegan and loves his furry friends. God is sacrificing lambs left and right and only saved a few of each animal in that big flood he sent.
10. P is all about protecting the environment. God's gunna destroy the earth in a lake of fire and destroy all who are not sanctified by the blood of Jesus. God makes British Petrol seem like Green Peace.

Now go vote for P Smoov here.


Chilly said...

I'm sold

Sterling said...

I voted for P before I read this, but it just reaffirms my faith...