Sunday, December 4, 2011

Los Rakas 'Cueria'


Ive been looking to get these guys up here for sometime now. Thinks its gonna have to happen. Soon. They have had singles, edits & remixes out in the past, but ‘Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada’ marks Los Rakas official EP debut. “Cueria” is a tune that appears on the record. Badman business.

Artist statement:

‘Cueria’ is completely fictional, but cinematic reminder of the tensions felt between law enforcement and citizens across the world. ‘Cueria’ was written and conceived by director, NASIR, with Los Rakas making their acting debut.

Shot in Oakland, California, directed by NASIR, with cinematography by Justin Potter, and Nick Crispen as Officer O’Leary, new LOS RAKAS clip ‘CUERIA’ stars Raka Rich & Raka Dun in the role of two cousins on a mission to avenge the killing of their teenage friend.

A news anchor reports on a recent murder: “14 year old Julio Alvarez, known by his friends and family as Lil Ray Ray, was shot dead, in cold blood, not resisting. Outrage. Officer O’Leary has been released on bail.”

The clip cuts to the confused, angry and intent-filled characters driving through the deserted streets of industrial Oakland, planning their next move as Panama’s most celebrated salsa singer, Ruben Blades, foreshadows what is to happen next: ‘Un carro pasa muy despacito por la avenida.’ A car passes by slowly through the avenue…

Blades celebrated salsa narrative, ‘Pedro Navaja’ about a knife-wielding crook (read more about the song here) who meets his match after attacking an armed prostitute, continues to sound in the background as Panamanian patron saint, Cristo Negro de Portobelo, plays witness to the discussion of what to do next with the kidnapped Officer O’Leary, ending in a dark demise and subsequent ‘CUERIA’ (Translation: ‘Take out’).

“He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Life gives you surprises.” -Ruben Blades (Pedro Navaja)



Shot in Oakland, CA.

Video Director: NASIR
Twitter: @NASIR__

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