Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GLAMOUR - The Lost POB Remixes

A new yet old dosage of beats and caffeine from The Prince of Ballard. This time the lost remixes of Fresh Espresso's Glamour which really throw it back on some old timey shit. I love these versions. From POB:

"Lemme drop the backstory first....... Back in feb. 2010, fresh espresso released their entire glamour album in accapellas and your boy jumped all over the opportunity with the intensions of making the perfect remix album for the upcoming summer. i started throwing their verses over old beats i already had and simple soul loops only to have my computer crash weeks into it. thats where the story and project ended.......untiiiillllllllllll NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, this is the "un-mixed, un-mastered, and un-finished rough draft project I started and forgot about." and i think its a good listen so here it is almost 2 years later in its original form for ya'll to enjoy."


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