Saturday, December 3, 2011

Samo & Cedaa XLR8R Podcasts

Ive been following XLR8R for almost ten years now. Was always my favorite magazine back in the day. Ever since they went online and started their Podcast series, I never missed a mix. Low and behold the last two they put out were the dudes Samo Sound Boy & Cedaa, back to back. Large up the guys. Always like to see the homies doing it big.



Over the past few months, a lot of space on XLR8R has been devoted to the exploits of Los Angeles DJ/producer Samo Sound Boy, a Trouble & Bass-affiliated artist who recently struck out on his own with Body High, a new label he's launched with Jerome Potter of LOL Boys. The pair have also begun producing together under the name DJ Dodger Stadium, a project which delivered the inaugural Body High release in early October. Only six weeks later, the young imprint is humming along nicely, having dropped a second EP from the mysterious DJ Funeral, with several more releases already lined up for the months ahead. As such, we figured now would be a good time to invite Samo Sound Boy to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Flying through 21 songs in just over 40 minutes, the mix showcases his ability to combine club-ready house and bass music with bombastic rap rhythms. It's more or less a mission statement of what Body High is all about, something that's strengthened by the fact that nearly half the tunes—several of which are unreleased—come from the label's still-growing stable of artists. Also worth noting is that nearly all of the artists in the tracklist hail from the US; after several years of UK acts getting the majority of the electronic-music shine, perhaps things are shifting back toward the American side of the pond, and it appears that Samo Sound Boy and the Body High crew are right in the thick of it.

01 Samo Sound Boy "Intro / As You Walk In"
02 Dubbel Dutch "Heartbruk" (Mixpak)
03 Floyd Campbell "Multipass" (Body High)
04 Deebs "Untitled" (Pelican Fly)
05 Drake feat. Nicki Minaj "Make Me Proud" (Young Money)
06 Samo Sound Boy "Shuffle Code (Ikonika Remix)" (Trouble & Bass)
07 Sam Tiba "ZigZag" (Marble)
08 Tim Dolla "Trina Bytch"
09 Travis Porter "You Don't Know Bout It" (Jive)
10 DJ Soulja-Man "Eski-Tech" (Body High)
11 DJ Funeral "The Killing" (Body High)
12 DJ Jayhood & DJ Joker "Jersey Anthem"
13 DJ Dodger Stadium "MF Hustla" (Body High)
14 DJ Funeral "Last Breath" (Body High)
15 DJ Sliink "Whine For Me"
16 The Ethics "To The Beat of The Drum (Floyd Campbell Edit)"
17 DJ Dodger Stadium "2 Plus 2" (Body High)
18 DJ Dagwood "My Baby Wants To Ride" (Underground Construction)
19 Clicks & Whistles "Serious Bidness" (Embassy)
20 Myrryrs "I'm a State of Mind" (Body High)
21 Roscoe Dash "Sexy Girl Anthem" (Futuristic Swagg)




While many young producers have taken up the bass and juke mantle in the past year or two, few have done so while matching the quality of the output being produced by 21-year-old Cedaa (a.k.a. Simon Ho). Currently spending his days as a college student in Bellingham, Washington, the Bubblin' beatmaker has already dropped a number of releases and has also been instated as a member of Kingdom's new Fade to Mind crew. While his first Fade to Mind release is still in the works, we twisted Cedaa's arm and got him to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Moving through tunes at a lightning-quick pace—most of which are also produced by young, Soundcloud-reared producers like himself—the young artist begins with edgy, R&B- and hip-hop-flavored bass music before cranking up the tempo and diving headlong into upfront, juke-referencing sounds. Unlike many producers who dabble in the genre, Cedaa never forgets the dancefloor, eschewing overly complex experimentalism and always maintaining the groove. It's a fun—and forward—listen, and only builds the anticipation for what Cedaa will do next.

01 Sinjin Hawke and Lucid "Fizzy Drink"
02 Panteros666 "Javelin (Richelle Remix)" (Forma T)
03 Daniel Klauser "Dance and Disaster (Look Like Remix)" (Get Flavor)
04 Kingdom "Let You No" (Night Slugs)
05 Myrryrs "Burn and Turn It Up" (B. YRSLF)
06 DJ Soulja-Man "Eski-Tech" (Body High)
07 MikeQ & Angel X feat. Jay Karan "Let It All Out 2012" (Fade to Mind)
08 Jim-E Stack "Come Between" (Good Years)
09 Astronomar "Swordfight"
10 5kinandbone5 feat. YG "Stomp (Cedaa Remix)" (Grizzly)
11 Jaws da Jormungand "Falling Fire"
12 KNC "Let It Go" (Paradisiaca)
13 Cedaa "Varsity"
14 Diamond "Money in the Clutch"
15 Fuzzy Logik feat. Jada Pearl "All My Love (Slick Shoota Remix)" (Safe & Sound)
16 Clicks & Whistles "Endo"
17 Max Ulis & Self Evident "Eastsiders (Cedaa Remix)" (10pin)
18 Robbie Tronco "Walk With Me (160 BPM Edit)" (Heavy Street)
19 Sonora "Dime Pa"
20 Wheez-ie "Weird Gumby Thing"
21 Clicks & Whistles "Saved"
22 Outkast "Unhappy (Deebs Bootleg)"
23 Melvin "White Space Conflict"
24 Massacooramaan "I'm OK with The Knife (Instrumental)"
25 Cedaa "Patagonia"
26 Murder Mark "Bad Bitches Drop It Low (Slick Shoota Remix)" (Zoo On Mars)
27 Trey Songz "Bottoms Up (Instrumental)" (WMG)


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