Monday, May 23, 2011

Dembowsky - Dembow


Dembowsky is undoubtedly the new term in Paris, used to describe the feast of all that is tropical and Latin. This has all been made possible by Ecuadorian duo Jorge Flores & Santiago Rosero who now call Paris home. Upon arriving in the French capital three years ago, the team wanted to bring more of a Latin sound to a normally stuck in there ways French Electro scene (blah). The result of this is the new Dembow EP that just dropped today on Coco Bass Rec. The whole job is free, as in all of the releases on Coco Bass. Get involved. Get Dembow on it.

CBR009 Dembowsky - Dembow EP

01. Veldt (Dembow Genesis)
02. Baila
03. Papi Cholo
04. DamnBowsky-ky
05. Pibe Jaguar (feat. Sara Hebe)

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