Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I haven't posted in a while, so I think its about time. I've been loving this girl called Gvcci Hvcci [pronounced Gucci Hoochie]. I found out about her through an artist named Ritualz who featured her in his latest EP titled Ghetto Ass Witch. The lyrics to the song and the sound of her vocals made me want to find out more about her. She's still quite a mystery but she's entertaining w/ dirty and sometimes almost evils lyrics which I find pretty creative. I wrote her and asked if she had a release coming out and she says she'll have a mixtape out sometime this year but for now, here's a 2min crazy video by her called Crack The Whip (Cut The Rope).

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bronx wentz said...

you know just how to rock it
tie you down go through your pockets
take your wallet and your phone
find your first number and then call it
tell her never call you anymore
he just says that you're a whore