Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bag Painter Interview

Now I know Chris Crites (aka The Bag Painter) isn't a writer for any periodicals, but I love the guy so much I had to interview him for the OFS blog. I love his work, which mainly consists of vibrant portraits on brown paper bags and wanted to share it with the community that I fucks with. He currently has a show up until July 11th at Roq la Rue entitled "About: Face." So get down there and see a great Seattle talent.

TR: So, I must ask, why bags?
CC: In 1999, I was drunk off my ass on a bottle of tequila and painted on a bag. I liked it and kept doing it.
TR: I see for your current show you have started to use different paper, why so?
CC: I wanted to work way looser than usual and make my arm have a little fun. It allowed me to stay fresh without working so tight.
TR: Who are your favorite 3 artists in Seattle?
CC: Robert Hardgrave, SuttonBeresCuller, & Dan Webb.
TR: What's your favorite 3 local bands?
CC: At The Spine, Akimbo, Mad Rad.
TR: You don't have to say Mad Rad.
CC: You guys bring it, man! By far my favorite live show in a while.
TR: What did you eat for lunch today?
CC: Top Ramen Oriental with lettuce and spinach that I grew from my own garden.
TR: Do you like sandwiches?
CC: Love them, Hillside Quickies for me.
TR: Nike or Reebok?
CC: Neither. Simple.
TR: Who's your favorite graffiti writer?
CC: I'm not that up on my graf, but I'd say I like the old stuff. That NYC raw look in the 70's and 80's.
TR: Do you like graffiti?
CC: For me, it has to have a message not just a name on the wall. I want something that is thought provoking and creative. Names are beautiful, but the average person can't read that. Break out, hit a bigger audience with it.
TR: Who would you be most honored to paint if they approached you?
CC: Noam Chomsky. He's one of the greatest intellectuals of our time. He is like a scalpel that cuts with insight. He is so spot on and nothing passes him.
TR: Do you feel there's anything you can do to hit different markets in this city?
CC: I'd love to open up a gallery and put out a book. Hitting other crowds besides the art world would be great.
TR: Are you down for a Bag Painter wheat paste campaign?
CC: Fuck yeah! Show me how to make it and I'll hit the ground running.
TR: What does Out For Stardom mean to you?
CC: That you want to be famous. I haven't ever heard it put like that before..**burrrrrrrpppp!!**
TR: How's that ramen treating you?
CC: Good but needed some cheese.
TR: Anyone ever tell you that you look like Chandler from Friends?
CC: I have heard that once before, but I don't know what he looks like.
TR: Do you want to kick anyone's ass?
CC: Scott Lawrimore at The Lawrimore Project. He ripped my boy Hardgrave off for $10,000! I just can't let that fly.
TR: Who wins in a fight? Bag lady or Bilbo Baggins?
CC: Baggins. Even without "Sting" he has big ass kickin feet.
TR: Best appearance by a bag in a movie? American Beauty or Run Lola Run?
CC: Even though the bag was full of cash in Run Lola Run, I gotta give it to American Beauty bag. Besides, that film guy thought it was beautiful because he was stoned.
TR: Hand bag or tote bag?
CC: Tote. Easier for the bike action.
TR: Funbags or airbags?
CC: Funbags!! What good are airbags??
TR: Do you like baguette?
CC: Yes, especially with brie.
TR: Any chance of painting the Baghdad all stars?
CC: You never know. Are they paying?
TR: If you had to pick one. Are you a dirtbag, sleazebag, or scumbag?
CC: Scumbag has a nice ring to it.
TR: If I gave you a baggie what would you want it filled with?
CC: A plane ticket to Amsterdam and cash for a Europass.

Thanks Chris for your time! Enjoy your shows coming up in Omaha and Chicago. OFS has your back.