Thursday, July 16, 2009

Macklemore Yucky

I wanted to take this time to explain a little bit about one of the performers for this event. Macklemore. If you don't know him you should, and you can do that by hitting up his blog, Bengal Yucky. This is a poster I made for his blog that he never used.

Yet, he must know if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have a blog. Then again, if he didn't slack so hard on his, I wouldn't have a blog. Mack is one of the most talented musicians in this city, and from what P is telling me, the new stuff is making him cry. I wish I could give you a taste, but sorry friends you'll have to wait for the show! For now just old stuff.

He is also an avid finger skater, so all you women beware!! He's known to ollie that ass, and kickflip the clit. At the Party Mountain show, I'm sure he will have the ladies swooning over his sweated v-neck shirts, bad wigs, and detachable moustache. He's also headed up to AK this weekend for the Homeskillet Fest, whatever Mack, just drop some new shit. Shit, OFS will even put it out.

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