Saturday, July 11, 2009

Interview Liquor Control

Hello everyone! Today is Kev's birthday and we are celebrating. Kevin Hulett is a liquor rep for 42Below Vodka and Cazadores Tequila and basically all around grand person, I felt it my duty to interview him to find out what his day is like.

Kevin and I head to Smith, he rolls up to the bartender shakes some hands, gives away a business card, orders 2 Modelos and 2 Cazadores neat. We sit at a booth.
TR: What do you want to eat?
KH: Lets go big and get the big poutine.
TR: Shit, the kitchen is closed.
KH: Don't you worry, I know some people here.
TR: Ok. Which is better Cazadores or 42Below?
KH: I'm at a split decision, Cazadores is sipped and shot, 42 is for cocktails. It's a matter of mood.
TR: What are your top 3 bars?
KH: War Room, Liberty, and King's.
TR: What is the nastiest drink you ever had?
KH: Hornitos. See, there are some tequilas that are 51% Agave and 100% Agave with no added sugar, Hornitos is just living by their name and its popular because lame people that don't have taste drink it. It's shitty. It's shit. Terrible.
TR: So you meet a lot of lame people doing what you do?
KH: Let's just say if I didn't have this job, I'd find out who my real friends were.
TR: So people use you for free drinks?
KH: Of course they try, but I know which ones to hook up and which ones to not hook up.
TR: How many bottles a month do you give away?
KH: 5 cases, 12 to a case.
TR: Damn! That's 60 bottles a month, shit, 2 bottles a day.
KH: Like I said, I love my job.
TR: How many days a week do you drink?
KH: Six.
TR: Are you an alcoholic?
KH: No.
TR: Would you say you have power in this city?
KH: I definitely have my slice of the pie. The guys that have to tell you that they are running the city really aren't.
(The poutine arrives and it is just giant potato chips.)
TR: How many bartenders have you fucked?
KH: I'd say none. I like to keep it strictly business. Plus, by the time they are off work I am usually tanked.
TR: Is there anyone's ass you want to kick?
KH: I'm a chill dude, but if you fuck with my friends then I'll deal with it. I'm not a huge guy, but I'm not a small guy either. People don't fuck with me.
TR: Who do you think will win the 1 on 1 game between myself and Sir Thomas Gray?
KH: I'm going Radjaw. Thomas won't show me his game and he's got chicken legs.
TR: What if you and I play? Would you a grow a beard if you lost?
KH: If I knew I'd have to grow a beard, I wouldn't lose. I'd play so hard.
TR: What does Out For Stardom mean to you?
KH: Out work and out hustle everyone in the city.
TR: Favorite band in the city?
KH: Elephant Rider.

Thank you, Kevin. Your time is much appreciated. I cannot wait to come celebrate your birthday with you tonight at Chapel. Everyone else come show your love to this man and buy him a drink for once.

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